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I was looking for reference for bracket fungi, and I ran into this:


And second I saw that, I was like ”wait, that looks familiar…”.

Then it hit me.


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Seriously though the EdwardxWinry relationship is deathly similar if not the same as ErenxMikasa, but everyone wants to slam EreMika.

Ed and Winry don’t explicitly say they’re like family, but when Ed’s mom died and father ran off, who was there to take care of he and Al? Winry.

Ed and Winry grew up together, and that could be taken as a sibling relationship, couldn’t it? At the same time, Mikasa and Eren met once, and lived together for a year. 

Ed lived with Winry for a good couple years before he began his adventure, and actually calls Winry’s grandmother “Granny Pinako”, as if she’s his grandmother, too.  You don’t see Mikasa calling Eren’s parents mom and dad after they adopted her for one year.

Ed and Winry fucking get married and have two kids, and the fandom goes apeshit with heart eyes, saying that’s how it’s supposed to be, but Eren and Mikasa can’t even be shipped without haters crying about incest and whatnot???

I swear, I’m really starting to think EreMika hate is because Mikasa is stronger than Eren and constantly makes a point to protect him. I honestly think it makes people uncomfortable to see a strong woman protecting a strong man, and they use their relationship (which obviously has great potential to be romantic) to mask that. It’s sad.

A lot of the hate is indeed just plain old misogyny (which, I think, Ed/Winry mostly escaped only because, from what I’ve seen on Tumblr, FMA:B seems to be a mostly het-focused fandom, with Ed/Winry and Roy/Riza being the primary ships with not much of a competition). This is the first time I’m actively shipping a het couple featuring a POC character in a m/m slash/yaoi-dominated fandom, and I have to say, it’s proving to be a truly illuminating experience (I’ve seen enough meta where people gush that Mikasa is cool and awesome and a feminist icon and a realistic/relatable character… but only if she knows her place and doesn’t get her vagina anywhere near the precious boys).

As for the never-dying incest argument… my theory is that shippers these days are truly addicted to the feeling of moral superiority over their ‘enemy’. It’s ridiculous (as shipping wars generally are), but it’s definitely a trend I’ve been noticing the last couple of years. “I don’t like your ship, and you suck for shipping it” is not enough anymore; it’s important to let everybody know you’re better than *them*. Accusing E/M shippers of supporting an incestuous relationship is the easiest way to make them look like morally deficient weregoats, so as long as this pairing is seen as a threat to *insert OTP of choice*, this incest-or-not debate is going to rear its ugly head over and over and over again. And the detractors are going to cling to this argument no matter how much evidence to the contrary is provided by canon. After all, obsessive fans are rarely reasonable.

Also, for some reason people are really invested in canonical legitimacy of their ships, and as it seems E/M does have a marginally better chance of being ‘endgame’ (oh, how I hate this word) than some other ships, I guess people feel that if they denounce the pairing loud and often enough, Isayama will hear them and spare them from this terrible fate (and maybe even make their obviously morally superior ship ‘canon’).:)

Bottom line: it’s just a dirty tactic used by overzealous shippers in an incredibly stupid and pointless shipping war. No need to seek logic in this.

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Thanks for the response! As much as the reveal in the latest chapter was one that has been theorized for a while, in terms of characters I still have no idea what to expect. Especially with the word that all of them might be different by the end of the series. You can definitely see how Erwin's different from when we first meet him to now. With some of them assumptions can be made where they end up (Historia or Mikasa), but others? Like Reiner - no idea. Same for Eren? So many possibilities.
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It is always a genuine pleasure. :)

Technically, going from breathing to not breathing is a huge shift, so…

No, I’m really hoping we get to see character changes not related to that. Your guess is as good as mine for what we’ll get, though. For Eren, I think back in 50 the flashback with his mom gave me some ideas.

Eren… I don’t care how bad they are or how much you hate them, you need to think past just charging into a fight!

Eren’s not in constant rampage mode, but he has a strong tendency to be the type of straightforward thinker that shoots for the target when he sees it. He’s rounded enough to recognize times when he doesn’t know what that target is, but his operating system has a lot of “find and destroy” to it.

But in 50, he runs from a fight. He has a new ability, and he turns the tide of the battle with it, but he uses it defensively. He protects everyone by retreating instead of protecting everyone by attacking. People he hates are right in front of him, and he chooses the people he loves instead.

That’s not a huge shift in Eren’s character, since he’s always cared very deeply for his friends, but he’s grown enough to allow that caring to temper his hot head, rather than the other way around.

I think I’d be interested in seeing more small growths like that; lacking a bit in dramatics but still an obvious change.

Mass Effect 3 - The Team Distracts the Guard

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I think Tumblr and I are in desperate need to spend some time apart, so I’m going to take a long-ish break. I honestly don’t know how much this break is going to last, so dear followers, please feel free to unfollow me whenever you wish; you won’t hurt my feelings, I promise.:) Signing off!

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【Shingeki no Kyojin】

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AU where female characters aren’t treated like shit by their own writers and fandoms 

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aeryn sun meme ♔ [two/five] relationships → pilot

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It was a good thing for Reiner that he was holding Armin and treating Armin so roughly, the way he was in this part of the action;


Because that’s when Reiner was fixing himself… 

If Armin saw that, than they would of been a huge clue that Reiner was too a titan shifter…



Sie sind das essen und wir sind die horrible fandom.


Tbh money would solve all of my problems right now like I could move out and pay for school and take care of my mental health and overall I would just be happy and in a better place so I get really annoyed when people are like “money can’t make you happy” uh you obviously never experienced financial instability and dependence so please shut the fuck up you pretentious shit.

Ichabod Crane vs. The 21st Century

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This is my new favorite thing.


This is the best

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